V-Ride II Ease of Maintenance

Re-Engineered and Better Than Ever

All Scag mowers are built to last with unmatched dependability and toughness.  Regardless, every lawn mower needs occasional service from time to time to keep it running at peak performance and efficiency. Whether the machine needs necessary maintenance or situational repairs there is no brand out there that is easier to work on than Scag! Check out how serviceability is built into every Scag V-Ride II:

Removable Lower Panel

Open access to the hydraulic system by removing two rubberized knobs

Removable Operator Cushion

Easily remove operator cushion by loosening two rubberized knobs

Removable Belt Cover

Easily remove cutter deck belt cover by loosening two thumb screws


Simple hydraulic oil drain tube, point the hose at your drain pan and unscrew the end

Battery Box with Tool-Less Cover

Hinged battery box with tool-less access prevents lost hardware or battery cover

Engine Oil Drain Hose

Simple oil drain system features a drain hose for clean, easy oil changes

Self-Tensioning Belt System

Self-tensioning system eliminates the need to make constant adjustments as the belts stretch. Belt changes are made easy with the use of a 1/2" breaker bar while referencing the belt routing decal located on the cutter deck.

Easy-Access Engine Oil Filter

Easy-to-reach engine oil filter make oil changes pain free

Easy-Access Hydraulic Filter

Easy-access to hydraulic oil filter makes oil changes a breeze

Engine Cylinder Head Cleaning Ports

Convenient removable covers allow access to remove debris from the cylinder head areas, helping the engine run cooler. Available on Kohler-powered models

Auxiliary Canister Air Filter

Tool-free latch for access to canister air filter. Optional Tiger Eye Air Filter Monitor Accessory to alert you when filter needs cleaning/replacing. Available on select models.

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