Turf Tiger Hydraulic Pump

Turf Tiger Hydraulic System

Heavy-Duty is an Understatement.

The Scag Turf Tiger features dual Hydro-Gear 16cc hydraulic pumps. 16cc pumps feature a 60% larger displacement than the 10cc pumps used by some other "commercial" mowers on the market today.

That means with every revolution of the pump, the 16cc pump moves 60% more fluid when compared to a 10cc pump. This extra hydraulic displacement means more productivity and more power to the drive wheels.

  • Extra large input shaft and input bearings
  • Formed o-rings
  • Pressure relief valves built in
  • Large rebuildable rotating group
  • Built-in cooling fan on 12mph models
  • 16cc of fluid displacement per revolution
  • 1250 PSI (86 bar) operating pressure (continuous)
  • Provides solid power even under heavy loads
  • Pressure relief valves to help protect the system from pressure spikes
  • Diesel and larger horsepower gas models (12mph ground speed units) feature a cooling fan mounted directly to each hydraulic pump, providing additional cooling for added pump life.
  • Auxiliary oil coolers are standard equipment on every Scag Turf Tiger. They keep oil temperatures within a safe operating level and add to system life.
  • Oil coolers and a large oil reservoir keeps oil cool and adds to system life
  • 20W50 engine oil is used in the hydraulic system for ease of maintenance cost versus expensive synthetics

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