Scag Liberty Z

Scag Self-Adjusting Belt Systems

No belt adjustments required.

All of the belt drive systems on the Turf Tiger, Cheetah, Tiger Cat, V-Ride, Freedom Z, Liberty Z, and SWZT mowers are self-adjusting. They constantly provide the correct amount of belt tension, eliminating this maintenance step entirely.

The spring-loaded idler arms use sealed bearings that do not require greasing. These systems are engineered for long, reliable life while saving you maintenance time. When possible, bearings are double-stacked for extra life.

If a belt change is required, a 1/2" breaker bar can be used on the idler arm to release tension for belt removal and reinstallation. It's as simple as that! All the belts used on all Scag mowers are constructed with Kevlar cords for extra strength, minimal stretch and increased life. Cheaper belts use polyester cording that is not as strong, and continually stretches throughout the life of the belt.

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Heavy-Duty Tensioning Springs

High-quality, swivel end, tensioning springs for reliable performance

Double-Stacked Pivot Bearings

Double-stacked idler pivot bearings and super thick arm construction prevent arm deflection.

1/2-Inch Breaker Bar Tension Release

Quickly and easily remove belts using a 1/2" breaker bar to release tension

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