Aluminized Exhaust

Scag - Aluminized Exhaust

The Tiger Cat, Tiger Cat II, Turf Tiger II and certain Turf Tigers feature a custom aluminized engine exhaust. This exhaust system has the following features and benefits:

Performance and Design

  • Reduced back pressure = Increased horsepower, reduced fuel consumption, less internal engine stress.
  • Anti-Backfire = Anti-backfire port greatly reduces backfiring.
  • Sound louvered baffle tubes and a thicker gauge shell = Reduced noise and tone. No fiberglass insulation used that can breakdown and crystallize.
  • Tailpipe 1-1/2" diameter = Decreased back pressure and increased performance.
  • Components = Press fit internals in a one piece seamless shell. MIG weld reinforced.
  • Gauge thickness = Heavy gauge stamped and formed components - up to 30% thicker than other mufflers. More heat resistant for a longer life.
  • Heat shield welded to the muffler = No hardware / one piece design.
  • Finish = High temperature, automotive grade, aluminized steel has excellent resistance to corrosion. Will outlast standard steel mufflers.

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