Show Us Your Stripes

Show your Scag Pride!At Scag, we are fanatical about lawn striping! If you are as "stripe crazy" as we are, we want to see your work! Post your best lawn striping patterns you have done with your Scag mower on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #Scag and/or #ShowUsYourStripes. Not on social media? Email us your stripes and let us know your name, where you're from and what mower you used and we'll be happy to share! We will post the best ones on this page for everyone to enjoy. For more information about lawn striping and how to create incredible stripes like those shown below, click here!

  • 999905 Adam Turf Tiger Coventry CT
  • 999906 Brad Scag Cheetah
  • 999907 Chris F Wisconsin Wildcat
  • 999908 Robert F Culpeper VA Tiger Cat
  • 999909 Ground Control Wisconsin Tiger Cat
  • 999910 Tim Bladez Lawn Care Cheetah
  • 999911 Mark Illinois Scag Cheetah
  • 999912 Trent N Sharp Edge Lawn Care Scag V-Ride
  • 999913 Trent N Sharp Edge Lawn Care Scag Turf Tiger
  • 999914 Trent N Scag SWZT
  • 999915 Matt F Scag Liberty Z
  • 999916 Mike A Scag Cheetah
  • 999917 Barney O Scag Cheetah
  • 999918 Donnie M Scag Cheetah
  • 999919 David B Scag V-Ride
  • 999920 Kevin L SWZT
  • 999921 John C SFW
  • 999922 Chris F Scag Wildcat
  • 999923 Cole K Scag Cheetah
  • 999924 Mark B Scag Cheetah

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