Quick-Fit Steering Levers

Quick - Fit Adjustable Steering Levers

Fully adjustable Quick-Fit control levers allow each operator to customize the handle position for maximum comfort and control.

Their exclusive design provides unmatched ergonomic control and convenience.


The Quick-Fit control levers feature an enormous range of adjustability to accommodate operators of all sizes. These easy-to-adjust levers may be fine-tuned forward and back, as well as up and down, for just the right fit. Simply loosen the adjustment knob, move the lever to the desired position and tighten the adjustment knob. It's that easy and requires no tools for forward and rearward adjustment.

There is an additional adjustment for extra tall operators that allows the levers to move upward for increased knee clearance. This adjustment requires a simple wrench and can be performed in minutes.


The steering levers are designed for comfort and strength. Padded grips wrap around the entire length of the lever ensuring a soft grip no matter where your hands are placed. The diameter of the steering levers fits the inside of your palm, not too small, not too big.

Quick-Fit Steering Levers

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