Marbain™ Cutter Blades

Marbain™ Cutter Blades

All Scag cutter blades are manufactured using a special blade material called Marbain™

Marbain cutter blades are lighter in weight than the typical steel used for cutter blades. A lighter weight cutter blade means the blades will start and stop quicker and produce less wear on the PTO clutch brake. Less horsepower is absorbed turning the lighter weight blades which provides more usable horsepower for cutting.

Marbain blades are also stronger and harder than typical blade steel which means they require sharpening less often and are more resistant to bending and impacts. That means less maintenance and cost for you!

A variety of cutter blade styles are available to match your specific cutting conditions and needs.

Marbain Cutter Blade Features

  • Increased strength
  • Increased hardness
  • Higher resistance to bending and wear
  • Increased impact damage resistance
  • Reduced weight = more HP for cutting
  • Reduced wear to the PTO clutch brake
  • Reduced time spent sharpening

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