Scag Driveshaft Driven Cutter Decks

Scag Driveshaft driven cutter decks

Another Reason the Turf Tiger is King of the Jungle.

High performance, high horsepower machines require high strength drive components and drive systems to ensure reliability and productivity. Scag understands this requirement and it is apparent in the design of every mower we build. Here's an overview of how we transmit solid, no-slip, reliable power to our cutter decks on Turf Tiger models.

  • The engine powers a heavy duty Ogura electric clutch.
  • The Ogura clutch turns a Scag tough drive spindle via a self-adjusting, Kevlar corded belt.
  • The drive spindle is directly attached to a double-clamped driveshaft that runs to the cutter deck.
  • The driveshaft is attached to a simple, 90 degree gearbox that transmits power to the Kevlar corded, self adjusting spindle drive belt.
  • The self-adjusting spindle drive belt turns the blade spindles that are attached to the cutter blades.

Scag Ogura Clutch Brake

Ogura PTO Clutch Brake

The engine delivers power to a dependable Ogura electric PTO clutch brake. The Ogura clutch is attached to a drive spindle via a Kevlar corded drive belt . The belt tension automatically adjusts as needed and the belt runs on a flat plain. No twists or turns that can shorten belt life.

The Ogura clutch is a true, heavy duty component that allows for air gap adjustment as the clutch starts to wear. What does this mean to you? It means that instead of replacing a clutch because it has some normal wear, your Scag Dealer can make a simple adjustment and make it like new again.

Scag Driveshaft

Driveshaft to the Cutter Deck

The driveshaft runs from the rear drive spindle to the cutter deck. Using a driveshaft ensures there is no belt "slip" from the engine to the cutter deck. It enables you to retain proper blade tip speeds in heavy, high-speed cutting conditions. It also provides increased reliability and longevity compared to a twisted "mule" belt drive system.

A simple 90 degree, aluminum gearbox converts the drive from the shaft to a cast iron or split-steel pulley and self-adjusting belt system on the cutter deck. The gearbox features a seal protector to shield the input seal from debris damage. A Kevlar corded, self-adjusting drive belt runs from the gearbox to the cutter blade drive spindles.

Scag Self-Adjusting Belt Systems

Self-Adjusting Belt Systems

Every belt on every Tiger mower is self-adjusting for minimal maintenance and maximum life. Idler arms utilize sealed bearings eliminating the need for routine service, and that saves you time. All belts are constructed with super strong Kevlar cords rather than the standard polyester type belt cords that can stretch and fail prematurely. Every load bearing pulley used on Scag equipment is made from split-steel for extra reliability. No plastic, light-duty pulleys.

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