Custom-Cut™ Baffle

Custom Cut Baffle for Deck Customization

Customize Your Cutter Deck to Meet Your Needs.

The Custom Cut Baffle System allows you to adjust the cutter deck baffling for optimum performance depending on your cutting conditions. Raise or remove the baffle for taller, more wiry grasses. Lower the baffle to increase leaf pickup performance and decrease front end "blowout". No other cutter deck cuts this well or gives you the ability to tailor its performance to your lawns.


  • Custom Cut Baffle System allows you to customize your cutter deck to your conditions.
  • More Productivity. Cut More Grass in Less Time!
  • Seven different settings to better match your individual cutting conditions.
  • Increased performance in tall grasses, weeds and leaf pickup.

There are up to seven individual baffle settings*:

1. High positions or baffle removed - Optimum performance in tall, wiry or tough-to-cut grasses.

2. Medium positions - Best all around cutting performance in all grass types.

3. Low positions - Enhances fall leaf cleanup performance. Minimal front edge blowout.

* 3 settings of baffle adjustment on some mower models. Refer to your operator's manual or contact your local Scag dealer for specific information and adjustment assistance.

Custom Cut Baffle
Custom Cut Baffle
Custom Cut Baffle

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