Scag Cheetah - Operator Suspension System

Scag Cheetah Operator Suspension System

The Cheetah's Operator Suspension System isolates the operator platform via a coil-over shock and the seat via rubber iso-mounts.

The entire operator platform (seat and foot plate) are suspended to deliver a smooth ride, with only three moving parts.

Smart: Unlike more complicated, conventional suspension systems, there are no moving parts on the drive and caster wheels, no moving counter levers that link the suspension system to the cutter deck to combat scalping. This smart suspension design focuses on the area directly around the operator while maintaining a durable, rigid, double-tube frame design for long machine life.

The Cheetah Operator Suspension System eliminates the possibility of the suspension causing a quality of cut issue and is superior to "cushioned" caster forks which can also affect quality of cut. Smart.

Simple: With only three moving parts, including the shock, pivot points are at a minimum. Fewer pivot points means fewer maintenance items/ wear points. The suspension adjustment lever simply changes the angle of the shock, providing a firmer or softer ride. Simple.

Spacious: The Cheetah features a large, all steel foot platform with an extruded tread pattern. Unlike flat steel or a rubber pad, the extruded tread pattern allows dirt and debris to fall through the plate while providing solid footing, even when wet. The adjustable bolstered seat, folding armrests and Quick-Fit control levers provide a comfortable environment for a wide range of operators. Stretch out your legs and MOW!

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Coil-Over Shock
Rubber Iso-mounts
Ultra-Comfortable Seat
Suspension Shock Settings

Coil-Over Shock

A high-quality coil-over shock soaks up the bumps to give the operator a smooth ride, even at high ground speeds (up to 16mph).

Rubber Iso-Mounts

Four (4) rubber iso-mounts on the seat plate help to absorb side to side motion and jarring which can fatigue an operator over time.


In addition to the platform, the ultra-comfortable, bolstered seat with armrests and Quick-Fit adjustable handles give the operator even more comfort (61" and 72" Cheetah seat shown in picture).

5 Suspension Settings

There are five (5) suspension settings that allow the operator to customize the ride from firm to soft. This adjustment can easily be made while in the seat.

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