Hydro-Gear ZT5400

Hydro-Gear ZT5400 Drive System

The Cheetah's heavy-duty drive system delivers speed, reliability and power.

Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles propel the Cheetah to speeds up to 16MPH. Designed exclusively for the tough commercial market, the ZT-5400 powertrain delivers unmatched power and durability.

  • Two Speed transaxles - Highly productive and built to last. Speed is controlled by fluid volume (swash plate angle), not gearing, so shifting on the fly is easy to do and harmless to the system. Scroll down for more info. Top speeds up to 16MPH.
  • 16cc Internal Pumps - Large fluid displacement pumps keep the Cheetah moving fast!
  • 21cc Internal Motors - Big power and torque for the drive wheels.
  • 1.375 Taper Axles - Heavy-duty axles for long, reliable life.
  • Planetary Gear Reduction - Delivers maximum torque and durability
  • 9" Cooling Fans - Keeps the oil temps at a safe level for long system life.
  • Heavy-duty shafts, bearings and gears - For long, reliable life.
  • Internal Wet Brakes - Internal, maintenance free parking brake.
  • 1 Input Shafts - Large enough to handle high horsepower input from today's big engines.
  • Charge Pumps - Keep the main pumps charged with an ample oil supply for cooler and quieter operation.
  • Oil Filters - Replaceable cartridge filtration system keeps the oil clean for long system life.
ZT5400 Teardown

Taking a Closer Look at the Two-Speed Function

Examining the internals of the ZT-5400 transaxles clearly shows the simple, solid and rugged design.

The steering levers control the variable swash plate on the pump (see steering lever input in the illustration), which controls forward and reverse movement, just like any other pump and wheel motor system.

The 2-speed lever changes the swash plate angle on the motor, (see 2-speed shift lever input in the illustration) allowing for two fixed speed ranges. There are no actual "gears" that "shift" so shifting on the fly is easy to do and harmless to the system. The planetary gear reduction delivers solid torque to the drive wheels.

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