Tiger Eye: Air Filter Monitor

Proper maintenance is the key element in long, dependable machine life.Air Filter Indicator found on the Scag Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System on select Scag mower models is equipped to be fitted with the Air Filter Monitoring Accessory to help you keep an “eye” on the status of the engine air filter. A properly serviced filter ensures that your mower’s engine is taking in clean air for maximum performance and elongated life.

  • "Plug & Play" for quick installation.
  • Air filter icon only displays when filter needs service.
  • No need to check air filter if the icon is not lit.
  • Indicator automatically resets when filter is changed.

Models & Engine Combinations

Acceessory is Applicable to STCII, SCZ & STTII Models Equipped with Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System & Engines Listed Below
Briggs & Stratton 35 HP Vanguard
Kohler 25 HP CV-EFI
Kawasaki 22 HP FX, 23HP FX, 25 HP FD, 26 HP FD-DFI, 27 HP FX & 31 HP FX

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