NDS - Nozzle Direction System

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NDS Auto Left / Right Control
NDS Manual Left / Right Control
NDS Tilt Adjustment
NDS Discharge Nozzle

Auto Left/Right Switch

With a simple flip of the switch, automatically send the discharge nozzle to the farthest left or right position. Up to 180 degrees of left/right horizontal rotation. Similar to an automatic car window.

Fine Tune Switch

To manually fine tune and adjust the horizontal direction of air flow, use the Manual Switch to position the nozzle anywhere in the 180 degree range.

Vertical Tilt Adjustment

A convenient mechanical lever gives the operator access to 16 degrees of total vertical tilt adjustment to help loosen stubborn debris.

High Strength Discharge Nozzle

Designed to withstand real-world use, the Low Density Poly Discharge Nozzle will withstand the daily wear and tear of the job.

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